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There are every kind of equal and unequal angles.>>>

There are ribbed and unribbed rebar for your every need of rebar...>>>
Box Beam

Choose square or rectangular box sections according to your desire.>>>

Galvanized Pipe
These pipes can be used anywhere where hygiene is in the foreground>>>
News About Aslankaya
Aslankaya Construction and Iron and Steel

Aslankaya Construction and Iron and Steel which knows to renew itself both in virtual environment and in the real environmet is with you

  Welcome To Website
        Welcome to the official site of our company. You can reach details about the iron and steel sector of our company. Products which are supplied by leading companies are presented you.  We presented you angle,  rebar, NPU, NPI, steel smesh , square iron, box profile, galvanized pipe, black pipe, pinched pipe, sheet etc. as products. You can reach details about these products from here.
Who Are We ?

         Aslankaya Construction and Trade Limited Liability Company was founded in Midyat, Mardin in 1990. Our company which has been in the sector of export and import since 1990 has been in the sector of construction. Our company which has exported and imported angle, square iron, pipe, galvanized pipe, sheet, galvanized sheet, steel smesh founded Gaziantep, Mersin, Silopi and Zaho (Iraq) branchs by rapidly renewing itself until nowadays.
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Our Other Field of Activity

As Aslankaya group of companies, we are in different sectors to present
the best for you.

Aslankaya Plastic
Aslankaya International Transport
Aslankaya Textile
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